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Program Policies for ToddlerTime Playgroups

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TODDLER TIME! - Tuition Policy (For children not enrolled in Enable Early Intervention)

Tuition rates are set prior to each session's registration period. Rates are subject to change at that time.


  • Checks should be made payable to Enable, Inc.
  • Payment is due, in full, upon confirmation of registration.
  • Two weeks notice must be given for withdrawals or group changes.
  • There is no reduction or refund of tuition for illnesses, family vacations, or snow days.


If a check issued to Enable Inc. is returned due to insufficient funds, the program will redeposit the check once. A $15.00 bank charge will be assessed for a redeposited check. If the check does not clear for redeposit, the parent should pay the tuition amount and the $15.00 fee by money order. Personal checks may not be accepted as payment for subsequent groups.


Refunds for withdrawal are not available past the session start date. At the discretion of the program, credit for withdrawal past the session start date may be applied to a future tuition balance.

Special Note! Enable is a non-profit agency that depends on tuition from parents to support the TODDLER TIME! playgroups. Spending time and energy to follow up on late payments takes away from the general program. Your cooperation and responsibility in this matter is appreciated!

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