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Program Policies for ToddlerTime Playgroups

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TODDLER TIME! - Attendance Policy
  • Consistent attendance is required.
  • Consistent attendance is expected and required to maintain your child's space in a group. Group spaces will be forfeited or revoked if a child is absent for a one day/week group more than three times within any three month period. Please call the office prior to any absence to notify staff 781-255-1817 ext. 21.

  • Parents or adults specified by a child's parent must accompany children to all TODDLER TIME! playgroups.
  • Babysitting services are not available through TODDLER TIME!.
  • If Norwood Public Schools are closed due to inclement weather, TODDLER TIME! is closed.
  • In the event of inclement weather, TODDLER TIME! playgroups follows the cancellation decisions of the Norwood Public School System. In the event of a "late start" by the Norwood Public School System, TODDLER TIME! playgroups will take place at their regularly scheduled times.

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